Copper - Grade QH Mare

We bought Copper from Stephen a year and a half ago (2008), and we have been extremely pleased with her. Stephen gave her a wonderful foundation to work from. She is extremely willing and calm to work with, she doesn’t spook or shy. My daughter uses her for everything, she is extremely cowy and athletic. About 8 months ago she started woking with her on the barrel pattern, and she is now a solid 1D barrel horse. We highly recommend Stephen’s training, as he has given Copper a good solid foundation to work from. I am very impressed with his calm work ethic with the horses, and the time he puts into them. Copper is proof of that!!!


I purchased “Bandit” in early spring 2009; it was one of those impulse purchases that I loved and never regretted. This spring the snow was extremely deep and I never had a problem moving him through, up to his chest. Yes it can be -23 C outside and snow that is four feet deep and I am still one to ride. He is a beautifully trained animal that had the drive I was looking for. Whether it was heading into Muriel Lake, going into Bonnyville, or going over the bridge at Jesse Lake he has never let me down. His training was extensive enough that when I wanted to move him ahead he was pleasantly soft and responded well. He round pens lovely, moves so well off leg pressures that no bridle would be necessary. I have had people from intermediate to jockey status ride him and they have all loved him. From cattle, trail riding, 4-H, and reining he’s exceptionally responsive. He’s a pleasure personality wise, and his training makes him gentle to handle in new or difficult situations.

Boots - Black AQHA Gelding

Boots is a rising 5 year old gelding and was started in training with Stephen in his 3 year old year. He is as solid as they come, with an amazing people loving temperament. Just what I was looking for! Stephen has the ability to match his horses to the right people for sure. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen to anybody who is looking for a trainer with sensitivity and the where-with-all to do a good job.

Cowboy - APHA Gelding

AN all around ranch horse. Good mind and quiet. Gets out and walks. Has been roped off and lots of trail/ ranch miles. 16hh.

Dude - Grade QH Gelding

A great little horse. AN all around recreational horse. Super friendly with a great disposition.

Lady - Grade Paint Mare

A recreational horse. Quiet and good to handle. 14.2hh. Broke to ride and drive.

Splitter - Grade Qh Gelding

Fun little ranch/ recreational horse. 14.1hh. Quiet and good to handle. Neck reins.

Sandy - AQHA Palomino Gelding

AQHA Ranch/ recreational gelding. Used to chase cattle and ride the trails.Nice big friendly giant.

Grey Grade QH Gelding

15hh. Been roped off and used in a feedlot. Rode among cattle and used as a recreational horse.

AQHA 15hh Gelding

Dependable 8 yr old AQHA 15hh gelding. He has been rode since he was 3 yrs old and is easy to handle. Nice mind, quiet and is people friendly. Crosses mud and water no problem, has been used to chase cows and bulls, used to dogs, rode in bush, and have swung a rope off him and drug stuff off him as well. Is UTD on farrier, dental, and wormer. Trained with patience and kindness by a professional for the rider’s safety with the miles and time put into him. Would make a nice little penning/ sorting horse or use him as a ranch/ recreational horse. Registerd name- JT BEE NIMBLE . View pedigree at

AQHA Sorrel Gelding

6 yr old AQHA sorrel gelding. NK BUTTONS HICKORY ( 15hh. Gentle, quiet and people friendly. Has had lots of miles under saddle since a three yr old. Has been roped off some, drug stuff from a small arena harrow to a tarp, used to chase/ roundup cattle/bulls, used to crossing water/mud, rode through thick bush, rode bareback, used to a tarp, have rode him while holding a three yr old kid in front off me, can stand on is back and jump off, and good with feet/ saddling/loading. Just a real nice horse to have around. A lot of years left in this horse.

Suffolk Punch Cross Gelding

8yr old Suffolk Punch cross gelding. 15hh. Driving gelding and has been used as a trail horse. Has been through mud/ water, hills, bush, around cattle/wildlife, etc. Quiet with good bone, feet, and legs. Easy to handle. Use him as a trail or driving horse.

QH Cross Gelding

7 yr old QH cross gelding. 14.2hh. Broke to ride and drive. Has crossed both mud and water (up to his chest), been rode among cattle, through bush/ hills, fields, ditches, etc. A nice little gelding to ride. Neck reins with a light mouth. good with his feet (Shod on all four right now) Includes bridle, reins and halter. Dental work up to date for 2011.

Dun AQHA Gelding

Dun AQHA gelding with black points. 5 years old. Olena Poco Playboy on About 14.2hh. Nice little horse. Quiet, gentle, and has never bucked on me. Kid/Family horse in the making. Already has lots of outside riding miles on him through fields, bush, water ( up to his chest), has been rode bareback, swung a rope off him, been rode among cattle (not afraid of them), great stop, light/ soft mouth, and moves off leg nice. Good with time off ( Left him for 8 plus months without riding and then he rode off like he had not had a day off). Rode him on a big trail ride on Sept. 11 and he didn’t act up or spook once ( There were 119 total riders there). Just a really nice minded gelding that pleases me more every time I ride him. One of the nicest geldings I have owned.

Grullo AQHA Gelding

Grullo 8 yr old AQHA gelding. Rs Classy Lil Jack on . Around 15hh. Quiet and very good to handle.  Hawk is his barn name.

Black AQHA Gelding

8 yr old  BLACK AQHA gelding. Hancock Blue Fritz ( On 15 hh stocky foundation bred. He has been rode through water/mud, field’s, up/down hills, among cattle, etc. Nice minded gelding. Good with his feet ( Black) and loading. Good to handle. Walk, trot, lope, good stop and back up. Neck reins.